We partner with the Coalition To Support Iowa's Farmers to plant windbreaks all across the state of Iowa. If you're interested in windbreaks for your livestock, barns, house, or business contact us today.

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About Landscape Legends

In addition to our expertise in pond and lake management, we are proud to offer top-tier landscaping services led by our seasoned landscaper. Understanding that the area surrounding your water feature is just as crucial to its overall aesthetic appeal, our landscaping team is equipped to design and maintain stunning outdoor spaces that complement and enhance the beauty of your pond, home, or business.

Landscaping Services

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Rock/Mulch Installation 

Utilizing premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, our team expertly applies rocking and mulching techniques to create visually stunning and low-maintenance landscapes.

The Pond Coach landscape legends retaining wall

Residential Retaining Walls 

Transform sloping terrain into usable, picturesque areas with our residential retaining wall solutions, blending seamlessly with your landscape while ensuring structural integrity and erosion control.

The Pond Coach landscape legends stump grinding

Stump Grinding 

Say goodbye to tripping hazards and reclaim your outdoor space with our reliable stump grinding service, we ensure safe and prompt stump removal, minimizing any disruption to your property.

The Pond Coach landscape legends brush cleanup


Whether it's clearing brush or removing medium-sized trees, our professional services create a clean canvas for your landscape's natural beauty to shine.

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Water Features 

Enhance your home or business with a water feature designed to create serene and captivating focal points both indoors and outdoors. Bring the soothing sights and sounds of water into your everyday environment.

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